Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas party at Connexxion

 ahhhh... the Christmas party. Every group does one, but Connexxion for SURE always knows how to "do it up right!" Kris, Stan and Lars are great actors...
 Every so often during a party, you gotta grab a moment to catch up with a friend (Andre and Kris)
 Anja and Joanna... also in the Christmas spirit
 Tobi just started coming around the group this year, as a freshman... with Birthe helping in the kitchen
 we played a game (we've done this before! but it still "works"!)... dressing a student up, in teams, with plenty of toilet paper... and whatever they can find in the apartment. another team goes around and judges the "works of art" according to 4-5 categories... YES-- we take this game seriously! :-)... Lena, Christoph, Peter and Wiebke are looking on, to put on the final touches.
 Lars and Dodo are engaged to be married in September-- I just love these two!
 we met Hulya this semester and she is a real sweetie!
in my apartment-- the gang all listening, as the jury shares the game "rules"-- ready, set... GO!