Sunday, April 14, 2013

USC Christian Challenge and key churches

 Our time during the vision trip in Los Angeles and Orange County was precious, enjoying having my Germany & Spain friends connect and learn from my California friends! Abraham and Anja shared their personal stories at Seabreeze Church in Huntington Beach.
 They invited us to set up a table in order to connect with those after church.

 John here with Joe, talking with Kris (far right). Kris was greatly influenced to go overseas 3 plus years ago, by his Bible study leader, Joe!
 Henning is with Barry and Krystyn. Barry has encouraged us with 2 visits here in Braunschweig, while traveling with his company, Futures Fins.
 Seabreeze hosted a barbecue.... where several of us spoke later indoors to a large group.
 On Tuesday we spent time with staff of 2 key churches in the Hope Network, Orange Crest and Church in the Valley
 Pastor and church planter Randy Lanthripe sharing with us...
 Tommy Trojan-- on the USC campus, where I used to serve on staff!!

We wanted to serve those who were giving to us... for instance, stuffing 3,000 easter eggs at the CIV office on Friday...
 A quick glimpse of the huge amount of lawn work our team did, including cleaning house too. Our team cleared out and put tarp over this area at the Walkers' home
 Barbecue with the USC Challenge group - here with Katy (on staff), Monique, one of our hosts, and Melinda (good friends; she and her husband founded the group 25 years ago).

 Abraham here with some great guys from USC
 Our chance to talk about our Connexxion groups in Europe, with the USC gang ...
Kayanna and Robert (formerly student at USC) made a 2- hour trip down to say 'hi' and catch up with us!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

"Break at the Lake:" university discipleship conference

Connexxion had the great privilege to hang out with some modern- day heroes of the faith and about 100 university students during our spring break time in California.
 Here we are at Hume Lake for an amazing conference with other collegiates.
 Nikola and Anja soaking up the sun beside the lake.
 Here I am with Mary and Brett Yohn, from the Christian Challenge ministry at the Univ. of Nebraska, where they've served for 40 faithful years!
 We loved an afternoon excursion to see the giant sequoia trees. Two of these young ladies will be coming to serve for 4 weeks this summer in Jena, with our Connexxion team.
 This is a real granddaddy of a tree-- the General Grant Tree!! Wow-- we were amazed at God's beautiful nature display!
 Neil Walker, director of the USC Christian Challenge group for 25 years and one of my mentors, sharing his life and wise teaching with Kris and Henning....
The meals were great, and we spent several meal times interviewing a different speaker or staff person.