Thursday, November 23, 2006


I've posted 2 brief blogs already about my new city (click here) ... Several of you have asked how my move has gone, getting into my new apartment. So I thought I'd send a couple of photos.

I left things in November in a partial, continued unpacking stage, but still it looks pretty good! In most places in Europe, rented or purchased, you must install your own kitchen-- that is appliances AND cabinets! Everything including lights. You just get wiring and bathroom toilet, shower and sink. Other than that-- you're on your own!

Kitchen before, in the moving in stage .... and after, but still not finished, below.
You may notice that my appliances literally take over the kitchen: stove/oven, front-loading clothes washer, dish washer, then on far right, my clothes dryer. There was no room for the washer and dryer in the bathroom, and some apartments in Europe people have it in their kitchen. Will take some getting used to.

Living room -

Office -

A big Danke schön (thank you) for all those who have prayed for me in these transitional days!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"I Voted!"

The button I'm wearing today, on election day, says, "It's up to you." I'm really glad to be able to be part of "the Process" (as they say) & to really feel that I can make a difference, in a democratic society! We'll see how the results turn out to be this evening... The small ballot boxes were outfitted with touch screens and they tabulate, inside the machine below where I cast my votes, both digitally and on paper.

Napoleon in Germany

October 14th, 1806 -- the date of the twin battle between Napoleon's army and the Prussian- Saxons above the city of Jena -- at Jena and Auerstedt. Napoleon won, commemorated by a monument on the hills above the city.

I was privileged to see a re-enactment on the 200th anniversary of this occasion, along with my American friends Jeff and Deanna, and their British friends from their kids' kindergarten, Julia and Alistair, and kids.

We relived the history; fog was thick on that date in 1806, and I realized that gun powder from muskets and canons can really toss up a lot of "fog," so to speak, during a war.


I'm diving into a "new world" -- a new city, in a Northern state of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). I've written before with a few photos, and wanted to add these from my recent days there moving in. Braunschweig will be the 2007 City of Science in Germany.

Above left is the Rathaus -- town hall. Right is the steeple of the Brunswick Cathedral, built in the 1100's by Henry the Lion, with a lion statue beside it. The bronze statue is a duplicate of the statue which Henry had made to represent his power (the original is inside the Dankewarderode Castle, pictured below). He ruled a wide section including the area from the North Sea to the Alps.

When Deanna and Jeff came to help me move, they treated me to a delightful dinner at a Bavarian restaurant. Look at the portions we were served-- wow!

Ahhh-- are those MY boxes being lowered to the trucks below from my 4th floor apartment??!! Yes, the movers carried all boxes & furniture to a lift which rested on my balcony.

This gorgeous Lutheran church, the St. Pauli, is in my new neighborhood. I walked in there & the folks were really friendly, hosting a Marc Chagall art show.

This sweet family, the Niehoffs, were a big help in my move, and attend my new church. Andreas is a leader in the Inter-Varsity (SMD) group on the TU campus. Millie was my amazing host where I could overnight during my apt. search, and she's a fun, new friend!