Thursday, October 18, 2012

HEART BEAT: A life in sync with God's heart beat! Our 3rd Connexxion Conference will be held this November 2012!! Check out THIS BLOG for more infos, in German & English... and also for Info. about how you can register. Join us in Berlin, with special guest speakers Erwin Schwindt (Kirche für Bonn), Neil Walker & Jeremy Walker (USC Christian Challenge, Los Angeles), Deanna Davis (speaker, Atlanta, Georgia), and Matt and Jessica Sturdevant (Hope Church, Ft. Worth, Texas).

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

semester start in Braunschweig

Semester start in Braunschweig happened the same day that classes began, last Monday! Here they are-- Janina, Anja, Nikola and Kris (joined by others from Connexxion, too) -- friendly smiles and invites with gummy bears to welcome the freshmen class --of about 2500 students!
 We handed out over 600 invites; and also did a few "Soularium" surveys with students which uses 5 questions about their student life and their view of God and they choose a photo to represent their ideas.
 The night before we had a stapling session after worship
 Anja had a birthday in September and her roommate Judith moved in also that same month-- so they just had a (belated) party to celebrate both events-- with a Turkish theme.

 Kris (middle) with Stan and Peter-- two good friends at the party, who have invited him to start playing a strange intramural sport called "Jugger."
Judith and Anja, along with Hulya (rt) who prepared most of the delicious, classic Turkish food & desserts!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

semester start in Jena

 Our Connexxion Info- table, with Maria, Kati, Antje & Thomas.

 I had the privilege of jumping in a car, less than 48 hours after returning from Sevilla, and helping out the Connexxion group there on campus with "Markt der Moeglichkeiten" (Possibilities Fair) for freshmen students.
 every imaginable student organization was there... student government, sports' groups, choirs, political societies, interest clubs...
That night we went to an indoor go- cart track...

 The next day we went to see the Zwiebelmarkt (onion market) in nearby Weimar (with Anja K. & Antje B).
Here's my friend Michelle, who just graduated from USC in Los Angeles, enjoying one of the best tastes of the state of Thuringia-- bratwurst und senf (sausage & mustard)

Friday, October 12, 2012

semester start in sevilla

 At Parque Maria Luisa...  hanging out & playing frisbee in Sevilla. Rebekah (in green & red) just moved here from the States to work with Connexxion.
Drinking arabic tea... at the Feria de las Naciones (international festival) with Johnny (Inma's boyfriend), Inma's uncle and her mom, Paloma
 Sunday at the Comunidad Aljarafe church worship
 late nite cafe and sharing "tapas"-- God blessed me by having special friends visit during the same time-- Lea, from Germany (left), and Sierra (red & white shirt) from Oregon. Both were here during my 2nd year in Sevilla. Inma is a treasure and it's always super to get to see her.
 planning meeting with key students for the new semester...

beside the cathedral-- Inma's dad (far rt), Paco, showing Kris, Rebekah and myself around the old city neighborhood ("casco antiguo") which is where the family lives, in Barrio Santa Cruz

Kris soaking up the night affects at the Plaza de Espana

 in front of the Rectorado, where they have an English Club followed by a discussion group each Wednesday
 special soup I enjoyed with friends...
 Sylvia and her little girl and father in law ... she is a singer & used to work with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in Spain. She & their family are such a joy to be with; they're now doing an organic church start.