Wednesday, January 23, 2013

on camera

For 3 days in Braunschweig & almost a week in Sevilla, Connexxion had the privilege of being "shot" for a documentary (as well as being interviewed for future magazine articles) about what we do on campus. Here I am at the Burgplatz, being filmed showing a visiting American teenager around, for a portion of the projects involving a kids' video...
 orientation with the Union students

 meeting up with media team and the group from Union University, at the mall on our way walking to dinner, after a long morning/ afternoon filming interviews in my apartment
Looking around town with media team ... (they didn't see the sun while in Germany!)
Anja and Birthe, who led the week, explaining aspects of the schedule while at orientation for our group from Tennessee...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WOW! what a week!

We just had our annual W.O.W Week ("week of welcome") here in Braunschweig, as we do each January.

 It's a chance for a university group from the USA, in Tennessee, to have a cultural exchange with Connexxion. Above we had a cafe night in a restaurant called Alex!
 Kris (on our staff) and Karen (staff person from Union) at one of 3 locations where we passed out 4,500 flyer- invites and 3,500 gummy bears on campus, including stuffing the dormitory mailboxes.
 On Wednesday we had pasta parties at 4 locations... here are Toni, Albert, and Janina B., at a dorm where Thanh lives.
 Colton from America, Sven, and Matthias...
And yours truly between Niklas and Betsy

Thursday, January 03, 2013

sites of the season (Christmas in Tampa)

 I loved getting reacquainted with my niece, after being away many months!
 She loves her grandfather!

catching up with dear friends, Teresa and Deborah, on New Year's Day at the Hartley's! Notice we are on a screened- in porch (ahhh... Florida in the winter time!)
with my family we visited my favorite "kitchy" place to go during Christmas, over in St. Pete, with gobs and oodles of Christmas lights and Christmas bears and seasonal ornaments, and... everything!