Monday, December 26, 2011

You can tell... I'm catching up on my blogging, friends, from the Fall time. Thanks for checking back in! :-) It was a costume party for well over 40 students, in Kris and Sörens apartment, so look and see how creative my friends are...Anja...
Lars, Kris (as Waldo), and Ollie...
me (Shaun the sheep!), a friend of Jacky, Jacky, and Alejandro

Our wonderful staff- team

Well, it looks like lots of workshops...brainstorming, prayer and sessions...
and it IS! But we're still sort of silly... about the light stuff....
We're the European Connexxion staff- team! (shown at our September "summer" training retreat). THANKS for your prayers and support, especially at this holiday time!

Dad in Germany

This was our Connexxion winter retreat in November -- the largest attendance ever with almost 50 in attendance! Dad spoke on the "The Power of One" about committing to Christ as Lord and mentoring others to follow Him.
We were invited to a great breakfast with Anja G. (leads Connexxion in Braunschweig) and Lydia R. (getting her doctorate in nutritional sciences) in their 6th floor or so apartment!
Here is Dad sharing in my apartment with the discipleship group on giving away your faith from the book of Acts.
A lover of history, we went to a special library in Wolfenbuettel, near me, which had some very rare books. This is a Wittenburg edition of Martin Luther's translation of the New Testament.
Visiting in Jena, Dad shared with 2 groups from Connexxion, and enjoyed fellowship with the Staff. Stefan (on staff with Connexxion) & he are (by now) "old" friends and Dad loved meeting his wife Antje for the first time at a favorite German restaurant.