Saturday, May 29, 2010

special day in Bormujos

We recently had our 2nd baptism for La Comunidad Aljar., our newer church start in Bormujos, outside the city in a suburb. We meet in a rented former cafe. Downstairs is the hall where we have worship.
It was the 2nd baptism for our group, but a 1st for this location that we're renting.
Two of my super good university friends also shared stories of what God has done/ is doing in their lives-- Abraham & Jake (see Abe in 1st photo). The young woman who got baptised is Nieves and she will be married this summer. I pray that her example will encourage others to take this important step in the near future.

Weekend in Portugal

Here i am in the Algarve section of south Portugal, with Maggie, Hendrik and Daniel.
We had a marvelous weekend in Portugal, about 2 weeks ago...Thankfully the meal table fit us all!
Maggie and Hendrik have been serving with La Comunidad Aljarafe and my friend David in Bormujos the past weeks, and will be helping to lead the Connexxion group in Sevilla starting this fall.
There was a retreat center about 2 hours away-- & the weekend was a great chance for us to have deep fellowship together as Connexxion...
... different ones of us told our stories and talked about verses in the Bible that are meaningful to us. We also, of course, cooked together, walked on the beach (some wandering into caves), played crazy games and just hung out until the wee hours of the morning.
So the whole group: (left to rt, back) Maggie, Lea (both from Germany), Martha, Inma, Sierra, Elizabeth
-- Jake, Abraham, Tyler, Daniel, Hendrik (husband of Maggie)

Feria de Abril - April Fair!

Here is my friend Christy (far rt.) with 3 interns & some teachers from a local high school where they help with English classes -- they were kind enough to invite us to their tent/ caseta.
Inma is showing us how to use castanets-- I was pretty hopeless on my first try!
The entrance gate has a different symbol each year & is celebrated with a grand lighting at midnight when the fair opens.
My friend Sierra was good at improvising to have the flamenco "flair" with her purple scarf & flower.
Leticia was so kind to invite us to her "caseta" -- most of these tents are privately owned by families or businesses or "barrios" (neighborhoods), so you cannot just drop in.
The "Feria de Abril" is a famous week- long event each year in Sevilla.
Maybe you recognize the back of the young woman on the right with the pony tail and red swirl around the flamenco ruffles?
We enjoyed the break from regular semester college activities (everyone was off from classes) to go to various tents, learn to dance a folk dance called "sevillanas", and hang out & bond with students.
Before that week we also had a special "feria" party in my apartment-- above are Johnny (from Costa Rica); Abraham from Sevilla & Daniel (from Peru)... & here I am with my friend Carmen.
taking simple balloons to transform my place, I was grateful for Hendrik and Maggie and Aryn who were so helpful decorating -- (Aryn in red further below; Hendrik standing with a white sweater)
And we had over 25 attending! Even from Morocco, a friend of ours was in town.