Saturday, November 24, 2007

potatoes and games

I thought you might like to see a photo or two of our Monday night baked potato "party" in the dorms. Isaline, from France, who lives in this residence hall, had a birthday on that day and some of her friends helped her celebrate, too! I think Christoph, Tommy and Katie are waiting for the next game, Taboo, to start up.

I'm out the door now... so being quick, but wanted to ALSO share a fun photo of our group at the Connexxion retreat a week ago. It was our largest ever weekend retreat. THANKS for your prayers!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We have 2 discipleship groups that meet on Thursday evenings, back to back ... this one is going through the "7 Heart Attitudes" and it's a joy to pray together, fellowship and discuss the Bible! As you can see from the coffee table, we also snack together and have tea & Crystal Light!

Kids Weekend

This past weekend I got to have my "niece and nephew" visit me in Braunschweig. Their parents, friends and colleagues, brought them up from Jena and we had a TON of FUN!
It took 3 adults to get dinner going for 2 kids, while entertaining them at the same time --- hmmm.... maybe I am a bit out of practice with babysitting!! :-) Tommy is here for several months as an exchange student from OU, and Lydia just moved here from Jena. She's doing an internship locally in animal nutrition and just bought rubber boots to enter the cow stall!

What kid does NOT like ice cream? And in Germany the Italians have cornered the market for creative and tasty bowls of this stuff! The building here is where the city library is AND a huge, new shopping mall (complete with toy stores, their favorite!). Janine, a college student, was sweet enough to let us use her library card.
The whole family got all dressed up to go with me to the 2nd service at church, that is AFTER we had a marvelous, American- style pancake and bacon b-fast!