Friday, April 12, 2013

"Break at the Lake:" university discipleship conference

Connexxion had the great privilege to hang out with some modern- day heroes of the faith and about 100 university students during our spring break time in California.
 Here we are at Hume Lake for an amazing conference with other collegiates.
 Nikola and Anja soaking up the sun beside the lake.
 Here I am with Mary and Brett Yohn, from the Christian Challenge ministry at the Univ. of Nebraska, where they've served for 40 faithful years!
 We loved an afternoon excursion to see the giant sequoia trees. Two of these young ladies will be coming to serve for 4 weeks this summer in Jena, with our Connexxion team.
 This is a real granddaddy of a tree-- the General Grant Tree!! Wow-- we were amazed at God's beautiful nature display!
 Neil Walker, director of the USC Christian Challenge group for 25 years and one of my mentors, sharing his life and wise teaching with Kris and Henning....
The meals were great, and we spent several meal times interviewing a different speaker or staff person.


Hazel Moon said...

Loved your photos showing fun and friendship as ministry went forth!
Yes, those are BIG trees!
You might enjoy my Mother's day poem at:

martha said...

Thanks so much, Hazel!! appreciate your encouragement!