Monday, September 07, 2009

Tampa Tribune: life all mixed together

In the past weeks, we celebrated 2 birthdays from a hospital room...
and a "repeat" celebration in a darling Cafe Chocolate Pi in Tampa. We also blessed (a BIT similar to a baby christening, for my Catholic friends) darling Gwendolyn at LifePoint Church.
I bought the white with pink trim dress for Gwen in Sevilla that she's wearing for the baby dedication.
My sweet mama after 2 surgeries, and some hard challenges, back here in ICU, where we watching (sleepily) a worship service from LA together.

Tampa Tribune is the name of our newspaper locally... and since I'm spending time with my wonderful family here during some special highs & lows, I thought it appropriate to share some of those ups and downs. When Bruce and Heather got married, Mom was recuperating from another surgery (up & around, but still going slowly), she reminded me recently. And I was in Germany having back surgery and missing the whole thing. It certainly seems, doesn't it, that sometimes our biggest blessings & our deepest valleys run on "parallel tracks."