Monday, July 18, 2011

baptisms in 3 countries!

What a fun, memorable day at the beach! Here is my friend Beth & darling niece Gwendolyn!
Here's my dad, ham-ing it up, in a pavilion at Ft. Desoto Park where my family's church, Christ Fellowship, had a beach baptism yesterday! My 3rd outdoor baptism of the summer- super exciting, I can tell you!
Here I am with Heather, my sister in love, and Gwendolyn, my niece.

Melissa got baptised; I'm so proud of her. I used to speak to her girls' missions' group on visits home, on Wednesday nights. Once she and her mom donated some goodies for me to take back!
Here is my brother, along with another staffer, Matt, baptising a couple. It's cool when families follow Jesus together!

Braunschweig outdoor baptism

My good buddy Jake came for one Sunday the end of June, to visit me in Braunschweig (here we are outside a hospital). He is doing a study abroad this summer (we'd originally met in Sevilla, when he studied there 1 year). Well, God worked in some amazing ways thru hardships. He got very sick, suddenly, with some sort of virus, & couldn't keep anything down that day. This was especially bad because he is diabetic, so he landed in the hospital for 2 nights!
Photos from 2 days before the above shot: this Sunday in June our church had a lakeside baptism, and here I am with Anja's mother, Renate.
That day about 13 people showed their commitment to Christ by baptism! Very special! (the ministers are Baptist, but for some reason they wear a collar, ONLY for baptism!)

just add water...?

Two weeks ago was a really GRAND day, in Spain! My super good friend, Abraham, got baptised at the beach near Matalascanas. He was baptised by a mutual friend, Jake (normally does not have a beard), who was a key student in our group from 2009-2010 while studying abroad. He attends Moody Bible College.Anja G. from Germany was with me to celebrate this event... and we got to share some seminar time with our Connexxion team serving there.
Here is the whole group from Connexxion that attended Abraham's special day.

David is the church starter, in the middle, who has devoted so much blood, sweat and tears over the years to make a difference in this city! Here are the 4 who got baptised: Abraham (2nd from left), Olivia Acton, Carlos (by Hendrik, serving with youth at the church & on Connexxion staff), and Carlos.