Friday, February 20, 2009

messy stalls

Growing up my Mom would lament the sometimes crazy and un-tidy nature of our home on Dixon Avenue. Particularly since she had 3 kids, one of whom was mentally handicapped, my precious brother Paul. She would quote this verse, Proverbs 14:4 - "Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest" (for my friends in Deutschland- "Wo keine Rinder sind, da ist die Krippe leer, aber die Kraft des Ochsen bringt reichen Ertrag.").

It means, basically, that you could have a perfect magazine- photo, everything- in - place house. But it would lack the production of a home that serves as a "workshop" of sorts-- where you have activity and also creativity! This reminds me of my apartment at times, like yesterday in fact, when more important things (like sleeping in, having breakfast with a friend & intern, even MORE students coming over for dinner, and celebrating 2 birthdays during the day for lunch) necessitated not fully cleaning up after our Valentine's party (yet!). It will get done, but not quite as soon as I would prefer. 

But the "manger" of my home-- a "feeding trough" to serve up & dish out love and God's Word and true fellowship-- now THAT is most certainly not empty. And we have "working" people here (hopefully a lot more attractive, however, than bulls!). It's messy. My schedule included. I cannot get it "picture perfect" -- especially with still getting used to living in Spain and a totally different lifestyle than Germany. My agenda is not all layed out, in pastel, coordinated colors, and exquisitely balanced and "tidy." I am off balance.

But we're seeing harvest. God is challenging me. I am sensing my need for Him. 

What more could I wish for?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Party

Our college semester kick-off party this week was a belated Valentine's party in Sevilla. It included an interesting poetry match with 2 teams competing to create the most unique Valentine's poem (they even acted it out!), using the same 5 words (beauty, bicycle, etc.). I was really glad that so many students came from our friends as well as those attending our English Clubs.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

brunch @ inga's

Inga has a new apartment just down the street -- and I got to have brunch on her BALCONY with our friend Francisco last week -- yahoo!! On the only day that it's been warm enough in awhile to do that.
An hour later it started to POUR down rain so we continued talking inside ... but Fran was kind enough to pose for a photo beside the railing, showing you the difference! (see both views of same shot)

Tortillas are not just Mexican food

A few photos to show you another kind of "tortilla"-- the kind that they have in all the Mom & Pop bars & restaurants in Spain. It's served cold, made only with eggs & chopped up potatoes (sometimes with onions, too; & a few people eat it with mayonnaise on the side). Well, the mayonnaise touch is from the city of Huelva where my friend "Fran" -- short for Francisco-- is from. 

Inga started a weekly cooking evening. I have been gone in January so this was my first time to experience it. 
A lovely evening; and "Dani" (Daniel) let each one of us try our hand at helping-- the flipping of it was a bit difficult.

Afterwards we went to a flamenco show in town where they have a couple of free shows,
 starting at 11 p.m. (what we'd call "late nights" in Spain are not so LATE for them!).