Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cafe by Campus

Vera had the great idea this month, that during final exams (which lasts several weeks here), she could organize her church & student friends to offer a Cafe for a few weeks. It's in the fellowship area of the church's lower floor, which had already been used in the past to welcome college students, under the name "Cafe Quo (Vadis)."
Here we are bundled up, when I came up for a short visit!
Her Baptist church is literally right by the TU Harburg- Hamburg campus (the campus grew up around their buildings, and the red brick look is the same). Christopher was studying there, too, but also serving up snacks and tea. He's an active student in the Connexxion group.
So each day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. students come with books or laptop, and maybe bring a study partner so they can help them solve their engineering formulas, and they order coffee and baked goods!

journey to the water

In Germany it's a big deal to get baptized. Now, actually GOD made it a big deal, when He decided that this was going to a be a "drama" that re-played out what Jesus actually did for us on earth to save our sins. And how we enter into that reality, spiritually-- going down to die to our old self, being buried & rising again.

Henning is my friend who got baptized today, and Kris (rt.), was his "baptism accompany-er" (translation from German), which means that he chose a special verse for this day and read it aloud to the church while Henning waited in the water.
The floor of our stage at church opens up to reveal a larger baptismal pool.
This was some of our friends who came to celebrate with him!