Saturday, August 25, 2012

a new church plant

How fun it was to catch up with friends this summer... & at the same time be in Jena, my former city, for an inaugural worship service of a new church start! Here are Lukas and Maria with their baby girl at a grill party.

 Birthe is enjoying some of the pride of the state to Thuringia, their bratwursts! Yummy!
 Welcome to the World, precious Johanna Joy-- Anja can be proud!
 ... and so can her husband, Thomas-- hard at work as the Grillmeister!
 First worship-- in rooms above the Deutsche Bank building

 Guess what we're doing? Anja and Maria and I helping with the kids' program. This time there were just 3 of them, and 3 of us... but we had fun.

 Hanging out afterwards...
Here is Vera, from Hamburg; Birthe from Braunschweig, and Abraham, our staff in Sevilla who'd just arrived for a month in Germany.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dad in Europe... and well, um... Asia, too!

 It was great having my dad here this summer for a week in between trips, after he spoke in India. Here we are with Kris and Abraham, who came from Spain for a month's R&R.
 Two very elegant, refined men!
 Dad enjoys art and we puttered around some museums locally....
 He also loves every chance he can get to train and challenge young men... here with Henning, Kris and Lars. (I helped make breakfast and then "got out of the way" so the men could have their time together!)
 Stefan Beyer, church planter and former student & staffer with Connexxion, is a good friend of Dad's and came up from Jena for an overnight visit.
We worked in a quick day- trip to Hamburg, to see some friends...
 Then it was off to Turkey-- meeting up with Bruce. We visited the ancient city of Ephesus... you can see that they did have pipes for heating and water...

 After going to Greece for the first time this summer, it was amazing to also get to see another ancient culture that I'd only read about before, and once again walk in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul.
 Dad and Bruce's shoes firmly planted on a path that actually dates to the time of the early church.
 statue of Nike
 crowded ancient street... and note the umbrellas to protect from the heat and sun....

 in front of the ancient library of Ephesus with the 2 great men in my life, Dad and Bruce
 he spoke later to a society of Americans living abroad
 then back to Istanbul for a quick overnight. Sadly, i did not get to see much of this world- class city, because we were at a hotel in another location for that conference... but it may call me back one day for another visit!
 fascinating see of people, cultures, language and dress...
 tiny passages for shopping...
and yummy foods....