Saturday, September 25, 2010

Team Hike

Anja, Birthe and I went on an away trip, just 1 hour south to the Harz Mountains...
where we relaxed in nature, hiked, had time to reflect, and planned for the coming semester...

A "magical" birthday

Ever wanna be king for a day? Proving that you can try are Friddi, Caroline, Oliver... and Rapunzel (aka Birthe!). Two super special friends, Anja and Miriam, have the same birthday on September 24th-- so they made it easy on us and had their b-day party together!

Here I am as a Good Fairy, helping Cinderella turn into a princess for the big Ball.
You guessed it-- the motto was "fairy tales and sagas/legends" (Märchen und Sagen). So everyone got dressed up as a story book character! Below are the Wicked Step-mother (Juani), Minnie Mouse (Caro), and Gretel (Inga).
See that amazingly yummy cheesecake on the corner?? Yes, i made it with a recipe similar to Cheesecake Factory! We had a party theme/ motto, for which the table had descriptions of the various foods-- (such as Poison apple dip)...
With Cinderella (Anja), Snow White (Miri), and a dwarf (Janine).