Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beach Bums

Forget how "the other half" lives around the beaches of Florida... with yachts and high-end waterfront houses. The good part is, that anyone can enjoy this beauty God made --without an admission ticket.

Sadly, the other day a young guy at the gas station asked me a question, which i basically ignored at first- He asked: "Where's the nearest beach from here? Is it open?" I thought to myself: "What?! What kind of question is that!? He must be filming something for a 'Most Stupid People at Gas Stations' Candid Camera episode or something! Like you can CLOSE the OCEAN..." When I hesitated & asked about it, he said, "I'm not kidding. Look at my license plate-- I'm from Georgia and there sometimes the beaches are closed!"

Well, this week I was granted a great vacation spot and enjoyed it overnight with my good friend, Lillian, who was on spring break from teaching her 1st graders.

Here's me being lazy and sitting on the balcony from our room in my robe, drinking OJ.

If the sharks don't get you, the sunsets are spectacular (our balcony was screened in; thus, the photo has a somewhat fuzzy appearance! ha!)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Anja's World

Friends Pat and Lily (from Brazil) with Anja

For my German friends in particular, I thought you'd like some updated photos of where Anja (formerly on staff with Connexxion in Jena) is studying at seminary in Texas. I was just in Ft. Worth for a few days and had the joy of spending a wee bit of time with her. Hier sind einige Fotos vom Campus und von ihrem Zimmer, usw.

At Price Hall are most of the Christian education classes as well as counseling courses.

The Naylor Student Center is where there's a cafeteria and snack bar, as well as reception rooms, a piano, etc. (the banana- colored car in the front was a rental car provided for my visit by some special friends!)

Garden near Anja's residence hall and student center... cafe area... and entrance foyer to Student Center ...

and basement floor Einzelzimmer room of guess who?!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Foat Wuth"

Fort Worth, also lovingly known as "Cowtown," because of the trading of cattle there, was where I spent not only my first 2 years of life, but also my seminary years. It was a joy to return last week & catch up with dear friends, relatives, & prayer partners.

Here we are in chapel, listening to Dr. Mac Brunson from Jacksonville, FL.

Afterwards Anja and I were invited to a luncheon at Pecan Manor, the president's home on campus and where Dr. and Dr. Paige Patterson do a LOT of hospitality for students, professors and guests. Here we are with our gracious hostess, Dr. Dorothy Patterson.

Vancouver rocks!

You have to appreciate the significance of a "tea cozy" (left) which is not unusual in Canada to keep a tea pot warm! Isn't this darling?!

This scene greets you when you arrive at the international airport, showing the artistry and boat of the native Indians ("First Nations" peoples) who once lived and fished on the coast.

This downtown building is actually totally suspended from huge elastic bands (USA English: rubber band) attached to the center pole. It's an experimental architectural plan to withstand earthquakes.

English Bay-- what a view!

When I worked with collegians in Vancouver, I used to literally spend hours eating muffins & drinking coffee in this Student Center (the SUB) on the campus of the Univ. of British Columbia (UBC). Rich (below photo) directs the ministry at UBC called "Born for More" and we had a terrific visit together with Suzanne, who is a semester m. and graduated from seminary last year in Texas.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Bridge

The Bridge is a church which began under the leadership of Jerry and Diana, to reach the Kitsilano area of Vancouver. Look at this beautiful setting for worship in the Planetarium!

I was invited to share a brief testimony about how I was part of a team trying to start a church there years ago, as part of our outreach to the UBC campus.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Vancouver Visit

One of my hands- down, most favorite spots on the globe is Vancouver! After a huge & embarrassingly- long "hiatus" I was finally back visiting friends in this city where I formerly worked and lived. Stay tuned for more of this trip... the first scene w/ me is from North Van. overlooking the city... and other photo is from the Planetarium, looking back towards downtown (English Bay is on both sides) & the mountains up on the North Shore. Yes, God created a breathtaking setting ... but notice the haze there on bottom scene -- it's cloudy & rainy like Seattle much of the year.