Monday, September 17, 2012

someone needs to start Connexxion here

 Our local Braunschweig staff had the joy of doing a little "scout trip" to Leipzig in September, and ending the day with a fabulous concert by Coldplay. It was a very generous gift given to me by 2 of the staff for my birthday. This is a campus cafeteria.
 This, too, is part of the university, restored from a former church.
 Another church, the Nikolai Kirche, is famous for being the location where the Monday quiet protests were held, which were part of what God used to "tear down the Wall" in 1989.

 We viewed a museum showing how the Stasi police were watching everyone. This is an outfit worn by the Young Pioneers.
 My newer friends Marta and Martin-- musicians and creative teachers, who love Jesus! I got to stay in their apartment.
so classy...
This city is just over an hour from Jena... so people working in this city could also have good fellowship with our other Connexxion groups-- I would love for God to send us workers here!

Monday, September 10, 2012

classy city & world- changing heroes

As Connexxion staff we had our annual staff retreat in Vienna this year, which gave us the chance also to meet up with some of our IMB colleagues and hear them teach from the Word. Here we are at the YMCA building we used over 2 days.
 Kris, Stefan and Thomas... eating K√§sekrainer, which is like a sausage (bratwurst) with cheese inside, wrapped inside a bun ...and full of fat! (yuk!)
 A free afternoon -- Kris, Stefan and Hendrik in front of the Sch√∂nbrunn Castle (Schloss)

 This made me get an idea for our upcoming Heart Beat Conference in Berlin... it reads: "Folge Deinem Herzen - Follow your heart" -- which you know could get you into lots of trouble... but I loved the idea that this Cola had an extra slogan on it, for a cause. I'd like to change it to: Follow HIS heart! We're emphasizing the "7 heart attitudes" at our conference this November.
 Stefan interpreting (and doing a splendid job!) for Neil.
 On the back side of our retreat, we attended a Greenhouse Conference with speaker Neil Cole from Long Beach, California. We took home lots of ideas which we now incorporating and sifting through--about organic church, discipleship, & small groups that multiply faster.
 Kris H., Abraham R., me, Hendrik & Maggie von N., Anja & Thomas K., Anja G., Birthe M.
 I'm with a very cool family, Mike and Carrie, who have been able to connect with a group of college students in Vienna. He was kind enough to do a lot of our legwork and local organization before we arrived!
a look inside the cathedral