Saturday, April 10, 2010

Semana Santa experiences

If you want to see a plethora of gold, "images" (as it's called in Spanish), parades, dedicated people, some party-ers, and streets crowded day and night with thousands upon thousands...
Holy Week in Sevilla is the place. Easter is not really a big deal here, but the emphasis seems to be
on the crucified, suffering Christ...
and on the "Virgin" (what they call Mary usually).

Imagine walking in a parade for up to 12 hours, hidden underneath a huge parade float, carrying it along with 35 other men.
Then imagine one taxi driver we met, who was going to do this 6 days, taking his vacation during that week!
My friend Sierra is pictured here with one of the Nazarenos. During Semana Santa some of the women wear clothes for mourning.
Those with the conical hats are called "Nazarenos" and hide their faces for penitence.
Semana Santa is a one -week monumental celebration in Sevilla, where members of 40+
brotherhoods walk to bring 1 or 2 ancient statues from their church to the Cathedral in Sevilla,
so the statues can greet the main "Virgin" (Mary, mother of Christ) statue there.
Each brotherhood may have as many as 200 up to over 2,000 marching in its procession. Sometimes the processions go round the clock.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Vision Trip to Jena aka "Connexxion Headquarters"

In February we enjoyed SO Much having our very 1st "Vision Trip" with students from Braunschweig, Germany & Sevilla, Spain heading to the FIRST ever Connexxion group-- in Jena, Germany! Here is Inga, a former intern with Connexxion, re-united with Abraham and Jose Maria.
We had sessions for Bible study, meeting in the Baptist church... and also workshops and small group times, and special breakfasts -- on campus, in a student residence hall, and the Lutheran Church.
The students & staff of Connexxion Jena did a marvelous job of organizing everything!
We also had a training time on campus, right before we went out to try photo surveys called "Soularium".

Here is our Sevilla group, with the hills of Jena in the background: Sierra, Jose Maria, me, Lea, Abraham, & Jake!

Hanging out with students

Hanging out, dinner, on a Friday night, in my apartment...
In the city on Friday, after "Charlemos"... (Jake is wearing a cowboy hat because he, Carolina and Sierra had been with Inma's Mom's school earlier in the afternoon demonstrating country swing dance!)
Dad on the campus lawn, with the "Cambio" Bible study group, made up mostly of American exchange students.
Dad spoke on mentoring to over 20 students-- what else?! :-)

Travels with Dad- Portugal & Ronda

Two great "captains" -- Dad and David!
Our team of Sevilla friends went to nearby Portugal for a planning retreat during the Semana Santa (holy week before Easter) ... It was a bit too cold for swimming... but here is Dad enjoying a game of UNO with the kids & interns. Dad also led us in 2 Bible studies.
It has been good to get to travel with Dad some the last 2 weeks that he's been with me, although mostly we've just stayed in town.
Last Saturday we went with Jake and Abraham to the city of Ronda, high above a valley, one of the "white villages."
One more photo of Portugal (the sun was in Dad's eyes here!) Gorgeous coastline!