Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ko Ni Chi Wa (HELLO!)

Our last party was such fun (until 4 a.m.!!) last weekend, when we transformed the apt. into an activity center for Japan... here I am in the kitchen with Carolina, who grew up a big part of her life in Argentina (and has a darling accent)!
We decorated (using very little money) Japanese -- Liz & Abraham made cool calligraphy, characters and put them on the walls. I bought an umbrella at a Chinese store for 3.50 Euro.

And students poured in to enjoy Raman noodles...
... and they tried out origami (the word in Spanish is "papiroflexia")... Liz (who is Korean- American) was a big help to Paco, Jose and Nico here
... and Sushi (made HERE by Marcos, a friend of Abraham's)....
... and we used Paco's "Sing Star" to sing Spanish & American songs (karioke)... (Alberto & Jake looking on)
And Inma, even JAKE, and Sierra tried out chopsticks for hair decoration, in keeping with our theme!