Friday, June 30, 2006


My colleagues and friends Jeff and Deanna have really plugged into & 'plunged into' life and ministry here in Germany the last 10 months. We're having a team retreat this weekend so it will be extra special to hang out with them, and Thomas K., and the KIDS in a small apartment for several days. We usually pull out the special goodies from the States, which friends send or bring to us, when we get together!

The kids have really blossomed the last months and it's fun to see them develop in personality! Can't you tell from the photo?

We're brainstorming about the future of Connexxion (big picture stuff), events for this summer break (from the end of July through middle of October is our "summer break"); and we will be praying about how to involve more folks for the fall/winter semester.

So, it's almost official that I'll be moving to Braunschweig in the fall-- stay tuned for more details (but click on the name for info. in English about this town of 220,000 persons). Here are a few shots of my new city where I'll begin a new campus Connexxion group beginning in spring of 2007. This is a main campus building of the Technical University where most of the work would focus. And below is the Rathaus (town hall) in Braunschweig.

My former language tutor Anne lives in Hannover not too far from Braunschweig, so I got to visit briefly with her when I attended the Baptist national conference back in May. Do you see us cutting up? We certainly did a LOT of laughing when she was teaching me German 1-on-1 for 10 months back in 1999. Actually, my German still gets some laughs, as I continue to mix up similar words, e.g. A great way to keep me humble (often) and keep the crowd in stitches once in awhile.

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