Thursday, September 12, 2013

photography workshop

My friend Stan posted some outstanding photos on Facebook, which made me ask the obvious, "Oh, did you shoot these?" The answer was 'yes' from this engineering student. (really?!) A hobby I didn't know he had. 

I've long thought it would be fun to learn more about photography, so I asked him to lead a 2- part workshop. 

 We went together with some students to several places in the city on one Friday afternoon this summer... and then had a nice evening at my place weeks later, to showcase them on the video projector and get feedback from others. These are some of the photos of mine that came out of it (edited) which I shared with the group that evening.

 Here is Marie and Danielle, who are both from France. I just happened to run into them. Marie recently moved back to her country but was active in our group for many months.

Hope you liked them! Can you guess which one of the photos shows my photography instructor?


Anonymous said...

Th 2nd to last?

martha said...

yes!! you got it!